Nîmes City Stroll

In Nîmes I met Kevin. Both of us stayed in the Youth Hostel. He was fascinated by Hannibal Barka, who crossed the Pyrenees and the Alps 2.200 years ago with by a retinue of 50.000 men and 37 elephants. He went from what is Spain today to fight the Romans in their own country for 19 years. Kevin walked the whole distance of 1.200 kilometres, carrying a complete camera equipment on his back. The journey took 46 days. He stayed in Nîmes much longer.

I wont' go into details concering the Youth Hostel. I can recommend it thoroughly.

Kevin's creative project of the day were handwritten poems, which he cast randomly into the streets when he strolled through the city. Once he met someone, who'd found a poem, said: It made my day! and thanked Kevin graciously.

Hearing this story, two poems plopped out of my head, for Kevin the walker:

Nîmes City Stroll

Mistral wind blows
construction site dust
into the streets

curly haired sunglasses
drop down my face

tiny footprints of bullfighters
pride still bake
on splinting pavement

women suck in their bellies
while men still wish hours
to roll along faster


Nîmes City Stroll II

Hanging onto his glass
the barfly remembers
his own dove days

when he was roaming
city squares freely
- still able to flirt
without shame

In his dove days he could see
if people were real ones
or just pictures
born from the boredom of screens

and most of all
they would recognize him
talk to him
and not just consider him

odd furniture