Without the help and support of many people, I couldn't do what I do.

My special thanks to:

Christian Kuhn and Christoph Niewerth for their help with this page. Since its first launge in 2008 they've been constantly helping me with their knowlegde and advice.

Marcin Bajor and Felix Keuck for their brilliant fotos on many occasions. 

My jobangels Verena Aurbek, Melanie Raabe and Doris Sacala.

My friends and my family. I would be lost without you.

And very specially those who support me financially: Tilman Buenz Jacobi, Moritz Denis, Christian Pothmann, Michael Tekath, Andrea Blombach, Julia Meisen, Rigmor Skålholt, Veronika Schmid and Christoph Niewerth.

As well as all those who encourage me when the path is difficult. Very often you come when I need you most.